Sunday, October 04, 2015

Quilterally Norge 2015

This weekend many quiltshops in Norway has joined the first Norwegian Quilterally (Quilt race).  The shops are open both saturday and sunday.This was an event I could not miss, so I had planned a shop hopping saturday.


I had rented a mini bus, and 15 other ladies wanted to come with me.  No problem to fill the bus.  Early saturday morning  at 07:30 we was ready to start our Quilterally (shop hopping).  I had it all planned.  How long time we had to drive and how long time the ladies got to use in the shop before travelling to the next one.


Our bus driver that brought us safe from quilt shop to quilt shop.


16 ladies smiling and ready for shop hopping.


First stop at this Quilterally was at Merethes Quilteloft. We arrived 09:00 when the shop opened. She is an excellent longarm machinequilter and has loads of beautiful backings (+ a lot of other quilting stuff too)  for sale. I was looking for backings, and I found some beautiful backings on sale.

Then on the road to our second pitstop on the Quilterally.


At 10:30 we arrived next pitstop on our Quilterally.  Marianne at Trådsnella wished us welcome to her shop.


The box with fabrics on sale was thoroughly inspected.  Lots of treasure to be found there.


And my friend Hanne showed us how to use Helen Stubbings applique paper and other tricks doing needleturn applique.


And I love the goodie bag Marianne gave us. Going to try out the little piece of application paper today. And I will for sure trace the cute car and stitch it.  Making a purse wihich I will save up money for next years Quilterally.  Because I really hope this event was a success and the shops will arrange it again.

Off to next pitstop Smilefjes


We arrived at Kathrines Quiltestue at 12:30. 


We was guided into the “class room” where Anna Malin and Helle had mini classes telling us how to use different rulers and machine quilting.  Kathrine treated us with delicious chocolate cake and coffee.  Wish I had a photo of the cake, it was delicious.  If you visit Kathrines quiltestue on facebook you will see more photos.


And of course some shopping here too Smilefjes


At 15:00 all the ladies in my group gathered together to go and have some dinner. All this shopping had made us hungry, althought we have been treated with cakes and coffe at all quiltshops we had visited.


Felt so good to sit down and just relax a little bit with our dinner.  Delicious lasagne and pasta dishes at Cafe Elise.

And then it was time to leave for the last pitstop on this shop hop.


Arrived at beautiful Bærums Verk at 16:30 where Lappemakeriet are located.


Always nice to visit this little quilt shop. 


They had a special Quilterally room where we was treated with hot dogs. But we were still so filled up from our dinner. We have had plenty of cakes, coffee and food on our trip.


We got a little goodie travelling bag at this place too.


On the road back home again.  Think we all have got a overload of vitamin Q this day.  So much inspiration and fun we have had.  I had a wonderful buch of ladies with me in the bus. Back home at 19:30.  Twelve hours on the road.  Visited four quiltshops.  Lots of inspiration.  Lots of treasures in our bags.

And a BIG THANK to the ladies that came up with this idea of the first Norwegian Quilterally.  A  BIG THANK to the shops we visited.  You were all so kind and gave us wonderful service.  Not to forget all the delicious cakes you spoiled us with.  I hope all the other quiltshops that has opened their shops this weekend has a very good feeling too that this has been a success, and that this can be a yearly event.


Back home it felt so good putting my feet up on the stool with a glass of red wine. Unpacking my treasures and put them on display on the table besides me.  I was so tired, but so happy and filled with vitamin Q.  I had a wonderful day at the first Norwegian Quilterally.

And for you Norwegian girls that did not join this yesterday, there is still one chance today.  The shops are also open today.  Visit their website to see which shops that are open and what they have to offer.

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Friday, October 02, 2015

September quilt meeting


Last thursday in september Sylvi Ruud visited my quilt group.  She had brought a lot of handmade purses and bags.  And it was such an inspiration to see what she had made.  You can visit her blog to see more.


She uses all kind of material in her purses.  Like this one made of candy paper !!  She is working as a upholsterer and usually she make use of all the leftovers.  She had brought some for us to buy, and gave us a challenge.


This is the fabrics I bought and that I am going to make me a purse of.  Have some ideas already.

Then over to show and tell:


Saying for today:


Thursday, September 17, 2015

A day with lovely Jen Kingwell – part two

Then there was opened for an inspiration evening with Jen’s Show and Tell. 

Several girls had made some of Jen’s quilts and the show and tell started with showing these quilts.  I  am sorry I do not remember who have made these quilts. So just enjoy the photos:




Finally it was time for Jen to show her quilts.  As you see there is a big pile of quilts. She is a lovely inspiring lady. Love her way of using all kind of fabrics together.  When making a scrappy quilt you really do not have to think that this fabric goes with this fabric to make perfect blocks.  Everything goes together.  And as me she LOVES circles.  That is one shape that makes me smile.

Enjoy the photos from Show and Tell.  The first part is the quilts that there is separate patterns or booklets.  (And I know Kathrine is having all of Jen’s patterns and templates, so if there is something that just calls on you…..give Kathrine a call). 




Now there was time to show the quilts from her book Quilt Lovely.  One of my favorite books.  I have no idea how many time I have looked through this book.  Think I want to make all of the quilts and the pillows.





I had a wonderful day filled with inspiration, laughter and good friends.  I look a bit tired at this photo with Jen, but it had been a very long intense day (up at 06:00 and this photo was taken by 21:30, back home by midnight driving in heavy rain, but it was SO worth it). I am so happy to have met Jen in person and I know I will have a lot of scrappy time in my sewing room. This is the Daisy Do quilt that we started to make and the more I see it, the more I love it.  Now my head is spinning filled with inspiration, colours and shapes.  Thank you Jen for all the inspiration.

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