Sunday, May 03, 2015

April quiltmeeting in my quilt group

Some photos from last thursdays meeting in my quilt group.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Progress on Nature Journey


At the cabin last weekend I got time to do a lot of needleturn applique and stitching on my Natures Journey project.  This is a design by Annie Downs who is one of my favorite designers.


Progress so far is that I have finished the center block.


And several blocks.  They are so fun and fast to sew.  Love working on these blocks.


Still some blocks left to work on.  There is a few small ones that need to be made. 


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Sunday, April 26, 2015

A quilt weekend at the cabin


Thursday evening after work I went to the cabin at Evensberget to meet up with some other quilting friends. Four of them had already arrived wednesday, and I picked up another and came thursday evening.  Lots of projects in our bags, sewingmachines, good food and some wine. Met my neighbour when packing my stuff in the car, and he asked if I was moving LOL. But quilters always pack enough to be safe.


Sewingmachine on the table at once when I arrive. My goal was to do a lot of sewing on my triangle frame for my Phebe quilt.


One of the girls had brought with her a new ruler that was tested.


And some of the girls made these lovely tablerunners.  Think I have to try out this ruler one day.




As you see a lot of things was done these days at the cabin.


I had brought with me my Natures Journey as handsewing project, and I got a lot of blocks done.


And manage to sew a lot of triangles.  5 of 8 rows are done. 


Then it was time to go home. Always sad to leave the cabin. But we are coming back in august.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Progress on my Phebe quilt


During my Easter vacation I got a lot done on my Phebequilt.  My goal was to add the Ohio star blocks.  And when I first started to add the blocks it was fast and fun.  I reached my goal.


Next frame in progress.  I traced the triangels to freezer paper, cut rows and started to sew.


Two rows finished, two more to be done. Not to mention  that this triangle frame is repeated once more, so I still have four rows longer than these to sew.  Plus some other frames and ohio star blocks.  Still a lot of sewing to be done on this quilt.  But I am having fun.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A little Easter quilt shop hop


We needed some refill today and headed our way to our local quiltshop Kreative Ingema at Flisa. I am so glad she started her quiltshop so that we can get refill without driving too far.  This is just half an hour to drive for us.


Inger Marie is giving us very good service.


And she has plenty for us to choose from. 
Love those two table runners at display.





The only thing I had on my shopping list was stitchery batting, but as you see some fabrics also came home with me.  Going to make another pillow with the fabrics to the right.  Not so happy with my first choice of fabric that I already have started to stitch on.  They did not work in my sofa.  Off to cut my new fabrics and give it another try.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy Easter!

I’ve started my Easter vacation. A long week off from work.  And I am going to spend most of the time in my sewingroom.


Saturday evening was Earth Hour.  My DD came visiting me and it was so cosy turning off all the light and then light a lot of candles. 


Today I spendt most of my time in the sewingroom. 


Adding more borders to my Phebequilt.  Love working on this quilt.


Rusken loves to stay in the sewingroom with me.  A bit grumphy today because he wanted me to cuddle him, but I was occupied with my sewing machine.


My DD also joined me in my sewing room, working on a Easter decoration.  So nice to have company while sewing.


I wish you all a happy creative Easther.

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